A Family Affair in Shaver Lake, CA

I didn’t start taking pictures in hopes of becoming a professional photographer. The career just kind of landed in my lap, like the best ones do. After having my first son, Henry, my husband bought me a little camera so I could document his every move. After hours at our local camera store learning all about my new little camera’s settings I went home and instantly started shooting pictures of my little family. It didn’t take long before the obsession began. I started to immerse myself in all things photography, watching hundreds of youtube videos and reading blogs upon blogs about photographing in the best light and posing families in authentic and intimate ways. My little family quickly became tired of being my photography subjects every day so I started to recruit friends and family. They always showed up and did every crazy thing I asked of them and I am forever thankful for them (you guys know who you are!). Then the inquiries started rolling and before I knew it, Lavender Fig Photography had begun. At the time, I continued what I called my “real job”, teaching special education, something that I absolutely adored as well. It wasn’t until my second son, Hayes, came that I decided (after hours and hours and hours of discussion with God, my husband, friends, family, and pretty much anyone that would listen to me ramble on about the subject) that I wanted to stay home and raise my babies the best that I could and pursue this little photography business I had going.

Slowly but surely things started to fall into place and I got to a point where I needed a website, which brings me to this, writing to you right now. I had a dear friend from Idaho, Hannah from Hannah Mann Photography, design my website for me. She also told me that I needed to start blogging as a way to reach my clients and to show some of my most favorite shoots. So, here we are.. a BLOG!!

It wasn’t hard for me to decide on which session I wanted to start my blog off with. Shaver Lake is one of those places that I grew up visiting every single summer, usually multiple times in a year. So when I knew the Eslick family was dying to do a shoot in the mountains I knew exactly where to take them. The light, the pine trees, the gorgeous field, the lake.. I could go on and on but I don’t think I need to. The images speak for themselves. Take a look for yourself and you will see one beautiful family, drenched in some beautiful light, in one of the most picture perfect places!